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Gunnar Pedersen A/S (1915-89) has played an important part in Norwegian craft history, both as a producer of embroidery patterns under brand names such as Laila, St. Georg and Design Gunnar P, and as a distributor of embroidery yarn and equipment. In these pages, Norsk Trikotasjemuseum (The Norwegian Knitting Industry Museum) presents the history of the company in text and images. We also wish to share examples of the large amounts of embroideries and patterns from Gunnar Pedersen A/S that we have in our collections.
Read more in The Making of an Embroidery Company and Design Gunnar P, or head over to Flickr for a look at our photostream.

2 thoughts on “In English

  1. HI – can’t read Norwegian even though a descent in USA. 2nd generation.
    I REALLY love Ports of Scandinavian and have completed/hung maybe 40 in my life time and I am just now approaching 60. Can’t find an US company online Do you have «Ports of Scandinavia designs 21182 or 21914 or 11182» ? My friend with cancer has asked I make this for them, Thaks

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